Top Mixing tips for beginners, how to prepare for the master!

How to prepare for the master

Before your audio track can get mastered there a lot of things to do!
The better your mix is prepared the better your track can get mastered.

There A few important things to remember when preparing for the master.
A good mix is one that is well balanced. After you made the track it is important that you mix sounds balanced. So imagine you got a kick, snare, hihats, bass, melodic tune these main elements should be in balance with each other. So don’t push up the fader because you think a snare or a kick drum should stick out in the mix. Don’t ask why but, elements that stick out are hard to master later on.
Another thing is using compression. Don’t overdo compression on specific elements (like kick, snare etc) use it wisely, don’t squash the sound. However whats more important is the main compression, or master compression. Every software program has a mastering bus, whether u use reason, fruity loops, cubase, logic or ableton. Leave the main/mastering bus empty! Or switch the main compression/maximizer/limiter off.

Your final exported sound wave must not look like one massive square block. It rather should look like a nice fluctuating wave form! 

If you have exported your track and checked your sound wave and you see that its not a massive square wave that has reached the upper limits, only then your ready to get mastered properly!