“Improve my sound” is a new initiative to help out the artist. We provide online mixing and mastering of your sound production. Our aim is to improve the quality of your audio. We are able to master all genres and all types of sound mixes, like: hiphop, trap, R&B, house music, dubstep, country, rock, pop and many more! Scroll down to hear some mixed and mastered audio examples!

Buy mixing/mastering in two simple steps

   Step 1 Fullfill your payment  

  • 1 song mastering 15$

  • 1 song master instrumental + acapella 25$

  • 1 song mixing and mastering 80$

   Step 2 Sending your file

After your payment we will contact you on your email address and tell you where to send your audio files. 

Some audio examples! Listen to a song with and without mixing/mastering on it! 

“I am glad I discovered this site! They really made my song sound much better! ”

” Great service! These guys really know what they are doing! They took my sound mix to the next level. They made it sound clear and powerful” 

Professional equipment


Our engineers have more then 10 years of audio mastering and mixing experience.  Improve my sound works with advanced analog mastering equipment. Our equalizers, compressors and limiters are all of professional class. We use equipment like weiss engineering EQ1-MK2, For dynamics we use GML 2030 mastering dynamic gain control. Our main monitors are KRKrock it 10-3 studio monitors. This analog equipment is specialized to create the best possible master of your audio recordings.