Some audio examples

We have put together some audio examples for you, so you can get a taste of how your song will sound like.

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Take a look at our product list and decide which option is the best one for you.

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“Improve my sound” provides online mixing and mastering of your audio. We use the lastest mixing and mastering techniques to deliver you that powerfull and clean sound. We are able to master all genres and all types of audio mixes, like: Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, EDM, Dubstep, Country, Rock, Pop and many more! Visit our products list page to get a better view on the different types of mixing and mastering products we have to offer. We gathered some examples to give you a better idea of what our quality sounds like. Check out our audio examples page to hear some mixed and mastered examples, click here to go there directly. 

NEW! We offer you a 60 seconds free sample of your track! This will give you the opportunity to try out our service. Click here to contact us!


Take a listen to some examples that we mixed and mastered, the first part is without any mixing and mastering on it, the second part is fully mixed and mastered.